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Won't You Be A Neighbor - Part 4

Won't You Be A Neighbor - Part 4

May 15, 2022

Passage: Matthew 5:14-16

Preacher: Dave Grey

Series: Won't You Be A Neighbor

Category: The Year to Rebuild


This Sunday, pastoral candidate Dave Grey will focus in on Matthew 5:14-16 as he continues the series.


Do you know your neighbors? Do they know you? In a time when social distance has moved us further apart from each other, the need for good “neighbors” is never more relevant than right now. But just because you may know someone’s name doesn’t mean you’re a good neighbor to them — or even that you actually know them. What might happen if you actually did know them? If they actually knew you — and the faith that is the foundation of who you are? How might it change you? Your church? Your neighborhood? This series asks you to consider who you are as a neighbor — and what God might want to do through you to bring hope to another person’s life. It asks you to pray that God gives you a passion for those God places into your sphere of influence.

This week, Dave Grey, a certified candidate for ministry, walks through Matthew 5:14-16 with a sermon titled, "Posture is Everything."  Come join us for this impactful series… and why not bring a friend… or a neighbor?