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When Someone Hurts Me - Resist Judging

When Someone Hurts Me - Resist Judging

Oct 17, 2021

Passage: Matthew 7:1-5

Preacher: John Marcott

Series: Beyond Hurt

Category: Anchored

Keywords: forgiveness, hurt, judgement


Fourth message in the new series, "Beyond Hurt" - based on Matthew 18. Learn how God renews our lives beyond hurt.


We are currently in a message series called, “Beyond Hurt.” So much of what God wants for His children is for them to be “one” - united in mission, purpose, love, and grace - for the sake of their witness to Jesus Christ. But in our humanness, we end up hurting each other on the journey to oneness. Sometimes we hurt the ones that we love the most. Sometimes we hurt ourselves. Our present culture is a perfect illustration. God’s Word gives us not only the directives on how to navigate through our hurts, but how to move beyond them and into greater healing, forgiveness and hope. This series will look at the basis of Matthew 18 — and how God renews our lives beyond hurt.

 This Sunday, Pastor John will share Part 4 of the series with a message entitled, “When Someone Hurts Me: Resist Judging” — a look Matthew 7:1-5; 18:21-22; James 1:19-20