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The Test

The Test

Jul 05, 2020

Passage: Galatians 1:1-21

Preacher: David Woolverton

Series: The Test

Category: Vision 2020

Keywords: test, pandemic


We are beginning a brand-new message series to focus our worship and discipleship. The series is called, “The Test,” and it’s a closer look at the apostle Paul’s letter to the Galatians. We’ll walk through each chapter during the months of July and August and listen to and apply Paul’s wisdom to our present day situations. This Sunday, I will share a message that focuses on Galatians 1. You may just discover that God has a word of encouragement for you this week – especially as you continue your journey through this pandemic.


Followers of Jesus are facing a TEST

'The teacher is always silent during the test'

Many voices saying today, "we have no hope"How deeply has the good news of Jesus Christ penetrated our hearts so that it is coming out in how we're treating one another?

The book of Galatians is the Apostle Paul's teacher-like way of handing back the test, not only with the grade but also comments included. The grade 'F' isn't his final goal; his comments are intended for them to reassess and try again..to learn the basics of WHO we are, WHY we're here, and WHERE we're going....

the letter feels like stinging slap on the wrist, but it is meant as an ENCOURAGEMENT...underneath the disappointment is an invitation....

when Paul left a church which he had planted, a group would arrive and insist that Jesus wasn't enough, Paul hadn't told you the full story......

BUT WHEN GOD......3 words that express the essence of the good news of Jesus Christ

Paul's 'defense': my gospel came directly through revelation from God; my testimony is one who BY GRACE alone was transformed from persecutor to believer!

but look at the fruit: Judaizers, fruit = rituals; Paul's fruit = a changed life

BUT WHEN GOD......how have those words impacted you?

Do people praise God because of you?

What are the basics? 1. A relationship with Jesus is the ONLY way.

Religion won't cut it, nor anything else.Jesus alone is the good news.

Jesus + anything = bad news.

The gospel is not about what WE DO but what HE HAS ALREADY DONE.

2. Genuine love sacrifices. God GAVE himself for our sins to rescue us from this present evil age (Gal. 1:3-4). Genuine love is rooted in what God has done for us.

3. Forgiveness substitutes the CROSS for pain.


The test gives a chance to choose.....

1. Jesus is the only way. 2. genuine love sacrifices. 3. Forgiveness substitutes the cross for pain

 Do you wanna take this test? The TEACHER wants us to pass/succeed!