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Summer Playlist: The Book of Psalms - Part 3

Summer Playlist: The Book of Psalms - Part 3

Jul 18, 2021

Preacher: David Woolverton

Series: Summer Playlist

Category: Anchored

Keywords: prayer, psalms, enemy


The Book of Psalms historically has been the songbook of both the Jewish people and the early church. Just about every emotion faced by humanity, along with many of the situations that we deal with on a daily basis, are found within the lyrics of these songs. As we engage their words, as we commit them to our hearts and minds, they can become a source of strength, hope, purpose and direction for us. This series will look at the Book of Psalms - giving us the opportunity to explore its wisdom, leading us deeper into our relationship with the Lord. This weekend, Pastor David will continue the series with a message entitled, “Praying for Our Enemies??” looking at how the Psalms teach us the difference between praying against your enemies and praying for them. Prayerfully consider inviting someone to join you as we explore the songbook of the Hebrew people and the early church.