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In The Middle of Chaos - Week 1

In The Middle of Chaos - Week 1

Sep 12, 2021

Passage: Mark 5:21-34

Preacher: John Marcott

Series: In The Middle of Chaos

Category: Anchored

Keywords: faith, chaos, desperation


Thank God for bringing us to the point of desperation. From the depths of desperation look up to your Helper in faith. God’s dispensing good gifts like healing is topped by his desire to dispense Himself! God welcomes everyone no matter what your state or status.



“In the Middle of Chaos”

Much of Jesus’ teaching and preaching took place amidst noisy, pressing, agitated crowds.  To avoid being stampeded he would preach from a boat (Mark 3:9) and once he even escaped being pushed off a cliff! (Luke 4:29) The swirl of chaotic noise and activity around him is a fitting metaphor for our own lives amidst various pressures, combative voices, threats and worries – both local and global.  Watching Jesus speak into chaos sheds great light on how we are to react to our ‘crowded’ lives. 

 We will look at him in action:

  • September 12: “Jesus’ Questionable Concern in the Middle of Chaos” (Mark 5:21-34)
  • September 19: “Jesus’ Laughable Calm in the Middle of Chaos” (Mark 9:34-43)

In the middle of chaos, we aim to follow him by sharing his concern and experiencing his calm. 

Come, join us for the adventure in discipleship... and invite a friend!