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Imago Dei: Sin and Savior

Imago Dei: Sin and Savior

Jan 17, 2021

Passage: Genesis 3:15-

Preacher: Matthew Skillen

Series: Anchored in the Storm

Category: Anchored


THIS WEEKEND – We continue in our life-enriching message series— “Anchored in the Storm”—a series designed to bring hope and a creative edge to our upcoming year together. In January and early February, we will explore Genesis 1—3 and the great plans that God had in mind. Do you want to know where you’re going as we move into 2021? Let’s discover it together as we go back to Eden. This Sunday, Pastor Matt will share a message entitled, “Sin and Reconciliation” – a look at Genesis 3:14-15. Come join us on the journey ... and invite someone to join you!