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Why We Serve

Why We Serve

Jun 28, 2020

Passage: John 14:1-14

Preacher: Matthew Skillen

Series: Why?

Category: Vision 2020

Keywords: why, serve


We finish our message series called, “Why.” We are living through a period that we could never have imagined. It is disorienting. The hours and days seem to run together. Our lives have been turned upside-down. Some are dealing with the loss of loved ones; others are dealing with the loss of their jobs. All of us are living with new rules and restrictions. With so much changing in our lives, we might ask why we need religion at all when it is difficult to trust God. However, we can take comfort in the one constant in our lives, Jesus Christ. In Christ we can look forward, walk confidently, and proclaim proudly to a hurting world the never-ending love of our savior, Jesus. We invite you to our worship experiences this weekend! Pastor Matt will share a message called, “Why We Serve,” based on John 14:1-14. You may just discover that God has a word of encouragement for you this week – especially as you continue your journey through this pandemic. Plan on joining us for this timely and relevant series! Come check it out... and invite a friend!


Have you ever been a role model?
Know your role.
Jesus teaches us HOW and WHY we are to serve
Like the disciples, we've been thrown into a whole new world.
During the pandemic, the church has shown it's KNOWN ITS ROLE - providing meals for children without, providing space for AA and other communities needing to meet....
HOW: we serve; WHY: for God's glory!

Jesus reveals the heart of God by dying for our sins.

Jesus shaped them (as he does us) for the world that is waiting.

Jesus says to us: what you've been looking for, it's me.....I'M GOD. I am the way, the truth, the life....

God is ALWAYS with us. That is the message that we carry with us when we go to serve others.

We are the voice, the hands, the heart and the presence of God wherever we go.

Every act we do in service to the Lord points people to Jesus Christ.

KNOW YOUR ROLE! the privilege and the responsibility