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Joel: An Outpouring of God's Spirit

Joel: An Outpouring of God's Spirit

Jun 30, 2019

Preacher: Matthew Skillen

Series: Invitation to Hope

Category: Invitation to Hope


ABOUT THE SERIES & COVER (by Chris Ruch) If we acknowledge that we are created beings, we can draw the conclusion that we are designed for divinely inspired purposes. A big one is daily seeking and submitting to our Creator’s intent. Living in the moment. Trusting, waiting and obeying, drawing life from Him ... even in the midst of loss, confusion and challenge. Holding on to hope that He is always good, always at work, always inviting. No matter how our circumstances might feel at the moment, we are never abandoned. Trusting that He’s working in the midst of our pain and difficulty can fuel the hope & motivation we need to press onward. Profound plant metaphors permeate the Scriptures. Getting planted, growing, bearing fruit, being harvested or pruned. We go through all the stages and some are quite challenging. What if, during those challenges, instead of complaining, we thank? What if instead of worrying, we look forward in hope? What if we choose to embrace the unavoidable and then marvel as He makes beauty out of every broken area of our lives? Maybe then, like this cut flower in a vase, we can recognize that we are empowered to provide beauty and encouragement to those around us, as we remain in His sustaining Living Water, for such a time as this.


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