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Jesus: Flip This Heart

Jesus: Flip This Heart

Aug 04, 2019

Passage: Mark 1:14

Preacher: Matthew Skillen

Series: Inside Out Upside Down

Category: Inside Out Upside Down


THE SCRIPT FLIPPER — by Chris Ruch “You have heard it said (…) but I say to you (…)" We embrace a variety of ideologies: Don’t make waves. Stay in your lane. Play it safe. Cut corners. Stick to tradition. Trust no one. Look out for #1. If it feels good, do it. Some of the leaders in the Bible embraced similar ideologies too. Many were so focused on “the letter of the law” that they missed the actual intent. Along comes this crazy Nazarene, saying some radical things and shaking up their beloved status quo. Be like children. Forgive everyone (even if they don’t deserve it). Love everyone (even if you don’t like them). Go the extra mile. Give and serve beyond your comfort level. Work with all your might. Wait and trust, listen and obey. Allow God to be #1. In other words, to quote Apple’s famous slogan, THINK DIFFERENT. Consider viewing the bigger picture of life through God’s lens instead of through our own (or our culture’s) limited perspective. The leaders of Jesus’ time sought to end His influence in order to preserve their own. How often do we prefer to preserve what is familiar, “safe" & comfortable ... instead of embracing the (seemingly riskier) things that God is doing? Are the gains not greater than the (perceived) losses?


1. proclaim the presence of God's kingdom

    repent and believe

2. turning away from sin

    turning toward God

3. not external

    an internal change that shows thru the external